Dr. Nauman Naqvi

Veteran journalist, professor and anthropologist

Dr. Nauman Naqvi is a veteran journalist, professor and anthropologist and has also worked as an Assistant Editor at Newsline, Karachi and Producer at BBC World Karachi. He also produced many features in its current affairs program ‘Mizan’, enhancing his experience of the vernacular production of knowledge. Furthermore, his commitment to research took him to the Sustainable Development Policy Institute in Islamabad to work with the heterodox development thinker and current Chairperson of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, Dr. Tariq Banuri, as the Managing Editor of the Institute’s publications unit. At Habib University, Dr. Naqvi is committed to the institutionalization of a core curriculum program that combines the histories of both regional and Western humanities and social thought in the students of Habib.

Dr. Naqvi is currently the Director of the Comparative Liberal Studies Program at Habib University, where he was also earlier the founding Dean of the School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. He is also involved in the production of curricula for Habib University’s programs in Social Development and Policy, and Communication Studies and Design.