Inclusion and Global Citizenship:

Single National Curriculum in Pakistan, a roadmap for inclusion and global citizenship

This panel will seek to examine the Single National Curriculum in Pakistan through the lens of the UNSDG - 4 and Istanbul Process. Discussants will consider the gaps in the existing Pakistani textbooks and curricula in the representation of ethnic/religious minorities and examine how the Single National Curriculum addresses these gaps. What measures are proposed and/or being implemented to improve the current integrated curriculum with no clear separation between dominant religious content and non-religious content in materials given to religious minorities?  What policies are being formulated and practices being implemented to ensure that textbook boards adhere to mandated guidelines in the Single National Curriculum for textbooks to be more inclusive and balanced in the representation of ethnic and religious minorities?  Panelists will also examine the implications of the Education for All (EFA) movement, or the more recent 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and their focus on “inclusive and equitable quality education” (SGD 4) in the process of development. 

Keywords: the Istanbul Process, UNSDG 4, representation, dominant religious content, mandated guidelines, inclusive and balanced, textbook boards