investing in inclusion

Educational Curricula, Inclusivity and Religion Join us at our upcoming event in Brussels where we will reflect on the findings for the panels in Islamabad and Karachi

What do we want to see as innovations and best practices in education? What does our world most need? The United Nations’ 2021 Human Rights Day declared the goal of “All Human, All Equal.” How do we create curricula and practice that develop social, religious, and ethnic cohesion, aiming toward the goal of equality in education for the world’s children and young people? 

How do we deal with the sometimes-divisive and fraught topics of religious and historical curricula in schools? (For example, in some countries, students and teachers are in danger of breaking blasphemy laws by discussing these topics in the classroom.) How do we model open discussion in learning history and religion, with non-stereotypical curricula and textbooks?

We believe these are profoundly important, even central questions, pertaining to education in our time. We are excited to be discussing them on this Platform, presenting respectful inquiry and discussion, based on evidentially-sound research.